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Jarrah Firewood
Heat, smoke & aroma

Fire & Flame’s kiln-dried Jarrah is one of the world’s premium firewoods, one of a rare few Australian hardwoods that combines effectiveness with affordability. High density and consistent moisture content ensures your fire burns clean with a high heat output, minimal smoke and the unique aroma of the Australian bush.

So whether you are heating your home or cooking your favourite meal, you can rely on consistently dry firewood for perfect results each and every time you light your fire. Sourced from residue material as part of government-managed sustainable-forests programs, you can be confident you are also helping the environment by using a renewable bioenergy.

Perfect Temperature

Jarrah firewood burns easily and the output of energy in the form of heat is intense, easily achieves a cooking temperature of 350 degrees C, ideal for cooking pizza’s. Controlling the desired cooking temperature is effortless with only small amounts of firewood required.

Dense Wood

Dense hardwoods like Jarrah, with an air-dry density of 820 kg/m3, are an excellent choice for burning in a wood fired oven and for home heating as they give off more consistent heat as they burn.  Jarrah in particular burns cleaner leaving little ash behind.

Pure Source

Fire & Flame firewood is sourced from forests managed by the Western Australian State Government. Logs are harvested from fallen trees and thinning operations. Systematic re-seeding since 1916 has ensured the habitat for native fauna and flora has been maintained and has actually enhanced the biodiversity of the forest.


Jarrah is a world class product, but for perfect firewood, you need perfect preparation. The moisture content of air dried firewood varies depending on seasonal weather conditions, where and how it is stored as well as the time it has been drying.  Kiln drying our firewood eliminates uncertainty and produces a product that burns cleanly, with maximum heat and minimal smoke every time, as well as reducing potentially damaging residue to chimney flues.



Wood fired ovens have been used for centuries and now more than ever, this form of culinary cooking pleasure is being embraced for it’s simplicity, diversity and taste.  Access to superior, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable firewood, enhanced with the sweet scent of Australian  Jarrah, has made Fire & Flame products a favourite at home and overseas.


Traditions are built up over generations because they work, and traditionally, Jarrah has been the best hard wood for home heating.  By splitting our Jarrah into the perfect size for both handling and use in your wood home heating unit, you will achieve the right heat output to warm your home with minimal smoke and ash residue.

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All jarrah wood is sold through Bunnings.
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